Trees 2022SizeSpecial Notes
Acer palmatum, BloodgoodB&B / PottedAttractive foliage with burgundy red coloring turns brilliant scarlet in fall. Part sun to sun 15'-20' Tall x 15' Wide
Acer palmatum, Crimson QueenPottedA low-branching, dwarf tree with a delicate, weeping form. The foliage holds its beautiful crimson color throughout summer and can turn bright scarlet in autumn. Part sun to sun 10' Tall x Wide
Acer palmatum, FireflowB&BPurple-scarlet to crimson red fall colors. Part shade to part sun 6'-10' Tall x Wide in 10 years; to 20' Tall x 15' Wide with age.
Acer palmatum, TamukeyamaB&BA graceful, mounding, dwarf tree with waxy, deep red bark and beautiful cascading branches. Turns bright red in the fall. Part shade to part sun 6'-10' Tall x 10'-12' Wide
Amelanchier, Aut.BrillianceB&B / PottedBrilliant orange-red fall color and disease resistance. Clusters of fragrant white flowers give way to small purplish black fruit. Full to part sun 20'-25' Tall x Wide
Apple, HazenPottedHardy, large dark red apple with a mild, sweet flavor. Needs a second pollinator. Full sun 15' Tall x Wide
Apple, HoneycrispPottedLarge, red blushed fruit is over 3 inches in diameter. Pollinator required. Another early-blooming or mid-blooming apple variety. Full sun 14'-18' Tall x Wide
Beech, Purple FountainB&BRich purple, glossy, rounded leaves, cascading branches. Needs no pruning to maintain its graceful shape. Full sun 25' Tall x 15' Wide
Beech, RiversiiB&BRichly colored foliage that retains its dark purple color throughout the summer months. Full sun 40'-50' Tall x 20'-30' Wide
Beech, TricolorB&BFoliage is purple with creamy pink and rose-colored margins. A stunning specimen tree with an overall pink effect. Part sun 25'-35' Tall x 18'-25' Wide
Beech, RoseomarginataB&BA dense deciduous tree with a shapely oval form. White-variegated deciduous burgundy foliage with hints of pink throughout the season. Full sun 30' Tall 20' Wide
Birch, Heritage River MultiB&BA beautiful, multi-branched tree with peeling bark. Full sun 40'-40' Tall x Wide
Birch, Whitespire Multi / SingleB&BNoted for its non-peeling chalky white bark with dark chevron trunk patches appearing below each branch base and its long-pointed triangular green leaves. Full to part sun 20'-40' Tall x 10'-20' Wide
Coffee, KentuckyB&BA profile that stands out in all seasons and can be attributed to a unique growth habit of coarse, ascending branches that often form a narrow crown. Full sun 60'-75' Tall x 40'-50' Wide
Crabapple, AdirondackB&BA small, upright grower. Buds red in late April, then creates a showy bloom of white flowers. The dark green foliage all summer turns orange and reddish in fall. Fruit persists in winter. Full sun 15'-20' Tall x 6'-12' Wide
Crabapple, CenturionB&BRose-red blossoms in spring that mature to cherry red fruit in fall. Foliage is reddish green and matures to a bronze-green. Upright when young, branches spread out as it ages. Full sun 25' Tall x 15'-20' Wide
Crabapple, CinderellaB&BDwarf flowering crabapple with a compact, upright habit. New foliage emerges bright green, then red buds open to reveal dazzling white spring flowers, golden autumn fruit. Full sun 8' Tall x 5' Wide
Crabapple, Donald WymanB&BUpright form becoming rounded in maturity. Glossy green foliage, fragrant white flowers, and then red fruit. Full sun 15'-20' Tall x Wide
Crabapple, Golden RaindropsB&BGreen leaves with purplish to reddish gold fall color. Flowers pink in bud, opening white. Fruit golden yellow. Full sun 18'-20' Tall x 12'-15' Wide
Crabapple, Harvest GoldB&BShowy, white blooms in spring produce bright gold crabapples in the fall. Dark green foliage turns yellow in fall. Full sun 20'-25' Tall x 15'-25' Wide
Crabapple, Louisa (weeping)B&BA weeping, pink-flowered crabapple tree. Red buds open in spring to single fragrant pink flowers. Full sun 12'-15' Tall x Wide
Crabapple, ProfusionB&B Noted for its rounded shape, violet-red flowers, red fruit and good disease resistance. Full sun 15'-30' Tall x 20'-35' Wide
Crabapple, Purple PrinceB&B Small rounded tree with upward spreading branche. Rosy red single flowers. Purple-bronze leaves turn green in summer and golden in fall, purple fruits persist into winter. Full sun 18'-20' Tall x Wide
Crabapple, Royal RaindropsB&BVibrant pink to red spring flowers, red-purple fruit. Foliage emerges wine red in color, maturing with burgundy overtones in summer before turning bright orange-red in the fall. Full sun 20' Tall x 15' Wide
Crabapple, ThunderchildB&BCompact, upright spreader has deep purple leaves and delicate pink flowers which appear before the foliage. Full sun 15'-20' Tall x 15'-18' Wide
Crabapple, ZumiB&BSpring bloom of fragrant, white flowers, small, bright red crabapples which mature in the fal. A dense, rounded-to-spreading, deciduous tree. Rich, dark green foliage. Full sun 12'-20' Tall x Wide
Elm, AccoladeB&BA remarkable disease-resistant replacement for the American Elm, with a very similar vase-shaped form. Full to part sun 30'-60' Tall x 15'-40' Wide
Elm, New HorizonB&BA compact, upright, rapid-growing, hybrid elm. Full sun 30'-40' Tall x 20'-25' Wide
Elm, PrincetonB&BA medium to large deciduous tree with a vase-shaped, broad-rounded crown. Full sun 50'-70' Tall x 30'-50' Wide
Elm, TriumphB&BDark green and glossy foliage and a sturdy, symmetrical growth habit. Full sun 50'-60' Tall x 35'-45' Wide
Ginko, MagyarB&BDistinctive two-lobed, somewhat leathery, fan-shaped, rich green leaves. Leaves turn bright yellow in fall. Full sun 40'-60' Tall x 20'-30' Wide
Ginkgo, Princeton SentryB&BChartreuse, fan-shaped leaves that flutter in the breeze turn a lovely flaxen yellow in the fall. A handsome landscape specimen with a narrow columnar form. Full sun 40'-50' Tall x 20'-25' Wide
Hackberry, CommonB&BThis tree has yellow fall color, with purple fruit that will attract birds. Full to part sun 50'-70' Tall x 40'-60' Wide
Honeylocust, HalkaB&B Vigorous growth, heavy caliper and symmetrical, full crown. Yellow fall color. Full sun 40' Tall x Wide
Hornbeam, AmericanB&BReddish purple leaves in spring. Leaves turn dark green in summer and then come ablaze with shades of yellow and orange-red in fall. Sun to shade 20'-30' Tall x Wide
Lilac, Ivory SilkB&BBeautiful creamy-white blooms with a captivating fragrance spring through summer. Full to part sun 20'-25' Tall x 15'-20' Wide
Linden, RedmondB&BFragrant, pale yellow, late spring flowers. Large ovate dark green leaves, often with silvery undersides. Full sun to part shade 50'-70' Tall x 30'-45' Wide
Magnolia, Royal StarB&BEarly bloomer with large, fragrant, white, double flowers appearing before the foliage emerges in spring. Full sun 10'-15' Tall x 10'-12' Wide
Maple, Autumn BlazeB&BAn improved hybrid with brilliant, long lasting, orange-red fall color, an upright, uniform branching habit and a rapid growth rate. Full sun 50'-60' Tall x 40' Wide
Maple, Autumn FantasyB&BLeaves emerge with a reddish tint that turn to rich green. The fall color is a ruby red that persists until the first hard frost. Full sun 45'-50' Tall x 35'-40' Wide
Maple, Autumn FlameB&BScarlet red fall color. Greenish-yellow flowers appear in early spring. Full sun to part shade 40'-60' Tall x 30'-50' Wide
Maple, CelebrationB&BUpright, columnar shape. Fall Coloration of Yellow, Orange, and Crimson. Full sun 40'-45' Tall x 20'-25' Wide
Maple, Columnar NorwayB&BDark green foliage throughout the season. Leaves turn yellow in fall. Full sun 40' Tall x 15' Wide
Maple, Red SunsetB&BGreen leaves turn a brilliant orange-scarlet in fall. Pyramidal form when young that becomes rounded with age. Full sun 40'-50' Tall x 30'-35' Wide
Maple, Royal RedB&BClassic purple-leafed maple tree that keeps its brilliant crimson color all summer long. A slow-growing shade tree; that has a dense, broad oval form. Full sun 30'-40' Tall x 25'-35' Wide
Maple, Sienna GlenB&BDark green leaves with a silvery underside and turn yellow and orange with a pinkish tinge at the crown. As the fall color finishes, it turns a burnt orange. Full sun 50'-60' Tall x 35'-40' Wide
Maple, State StreetB&BGreen foliage holds up beautifully, turning a nice golden yellow in the fall. Full sun 30'-40' Tall x 25'-35' Wide
Maple, Sugar, Gr.MountainB&BAn upright, oval variety. Summer foliage is a leathery, dark green with an excellent orange-red color in the fall. Full sun to part shade 45'-65' Tall x 35'-45' Wide
Maple, Sugar, Fall FiestaB&BDark green foliage. Leaves turning a brilliant mix of red, orange and yellow in fall. Full sun to part shade 50'-70' Tall x 35'-45' Wide
Oak, BurrB&BFringed acorns are food for wildlife. Very long-lived tree. Full sun 70'-80' Tall x 80' Wide
Oak, PinB&BPyramidal through early maturity, its form turns more oval in older age. Glossy dark green leaves turn russet, bronze or red. Full sun 60'-70' Tall x 25'-40' Wide
Oak, RedB&BBristle-tipped leaves turn red in the fall. Grows as much as two feet a year for 10 years. Full sun 60'-75' Tall x 45' Wide
Oak, Regal Prince B&BFoliage is green with silvery undersides. Has a fast-growth rate (for an Oak), and has a narrow shape. Full sun 40'-60' Tall x 15'-25' Wide
Oak, Swamp WhiteB&BThe swamp white oak is a great choice for a shade or street tree, with the ability to grow at a moderate pace. Full sun 50'-60' Tall x Wide
Pear, Cleveland SelectB&BShowy clusters of white blooms in early spring. Dark green summer foliage turns a brilliant purplish red-orange in fall. Full sun 40' Tall x 15'-20' Wide
Plum, ornamentalB&BPlanted for the pinkish-purple blooms, the reddish-purple leaves. Produce small red fruits, which attract birds. Flowering is in the early spring. Full to part sun 15' Tall x Wide
Redbud, Eastern MS / TFB&BReddish-purple buds in spring and open to a beautiful rosey pink. Heart shaped leaves and loose branching pattern. Full sun to part shade 25' Tall x 30' Wide
Serviceberry, MS / TFB&BWhite blossoms in early spring. Green leaves with berries in summer. Orange and russet red fall foliage. Full sun to part shade 25' Tall x 20' Wide
SycamoreB&BThe cream- to olive-colored exfoliating bark is exceptiona. Fall color is yellow-brown. Full to part sun 75'-100' Tall x Wide
TulipB&BA fast-growing tree with bright green leaves that resemble tulip flowers and turn golden yellow in fall. Greenish-yellow flowers are carried high in the tree. Full sun 70'-90' Tall x 40' Wide