Trees 2019SizeSpecial Notes
Amelanchier, Aut.Brilliance#10white blossoms early spring, dark berries attract birds, great fall color, naturalizer 20' x 15'
Aspen, Quaking2"valued for white bark & brilliant fall color, native, prefers moist site, 65' x 20'
Beech, Riversii8/10'ornamental shade tree with purple leaves, good fall color,dense oval shape crown, 50' x 40'
Beech, Tricolor8/10'striking foliage is purple with pinkish-white border. Partial sun for best color. 20 x 18
Birch, Heritage River10/12'vigorous grower, tan to white exfoliating bark, 2002 Urban Tree, 45' x 30'
Birch, Whitespire8/10'white-barked birch, foliage changes to fall yellow, heat tolerant, 30' x 20'
Cherry, Weeping Ftn.#1 hvyelegant arching branches covered with white flowers in spring, yellow fall color. 15' x 8'
Coffee, Kentucky2"picturesque tree has deeply furrowed bark and stout branches, full sun, drought tolerant, 55' x 40'
Crabapple, Adirondack#10red buds open white, highly disease resistant, classic vase shape crown, 15' x 12'
Crabapple, Louisa, weeping2"red buds open pale pink on crisp green foliage, low-growing weeper, 10' x 15'
Crabapple, Sargentina2"dwarf, red buds to white flowers, highly ornamental, disease resistant, 6' x 8'
Cypress, Bald2"pyramidal canopy with fern-like leaves turning bronze before dropping, 50' x 40'
Elm, New Horizon3.5"strong central leader on upright columnar form, disease resistant, 60' x 30'
Honeylocust, Skyline1.5-3"rapid grower, straight trunk,symmetrical ascending branches, drought tolerant, 50' x 30'
Lilac, Ivory Silk#10fragrant, white flowers in June, textured bark, full sun best, good drainage, 30' x 20'
Maple, Autumn Blaze2-4"rapid growth, ascending branch habit, drought tolerate, excellent fall color, 60' x 40'
Maple, Autumn Fantasy2"large, fast-growing maple with astounding crimson-red fall color 50' x 35'
Maple, Sienna Glen2"attractive pyramidal form with excellent branching, dramatic fall color, 40' x 40'
Maple, Sugar, Gr.Mountain2'upright oval with thick, leathery dark leaves, heat tolerate, great fall color, 50' x 35'
Oak, Green Pillar2.5+"ascending straight up dense form, great for narrow spaces, winter leaf retention, 45' x 12'
Oak, Regal Prince2.5+"distinctive upright oval form, foliage has silvery lower surface, 50' x 20'
Oak, Swamp White2"tolerates moist site, good transplant success, attract birds, butterlies, 50' x 50'
Pear, Chanticleer2+"ideal street tree, fragrant flowers in June, red-purple fall color, 25' x 15'
Redbud, Eastern2+"understory tree flowers tiny magenta blooms in early spring, yellow fall color, 20' x 20'
Willow, Niobe3.5"fast growing, golden barked with spreading canopy, extremely graceful, 50' x 50'
Acer palmutum, Shishigashira30-36"heavily curled green leaves produce interesting texture. full sun. exceptional fall color. water weekly. 12' x 9'
Acer palmatum, Burgundy Lace3-4'dramatic deeply-lobed burgundy leaves on upright form. very choice specimen! intense fall color. water weekly. 10' x 10'
Ace palmutum, Emperor4-5' specimengraceful form of dark red foliage turns bright scarlet in fall. buds later in spring. colorful specimen. water weekly. 15' x 15'
Beech, Purple Fountain6-8'rich purple foliage cloaks cascading branches on this specimen. handsome, narrow silhouette. no pruning necessary. slow grower. 25' x 15'
Crabapple, Red Jewel2"persistent red fruit, white flowers, dark green foliage is disease resistant. excellent crabapple for year round interest. 15' x 12'
Hawthorn, Washington1.5"vigorous small ornamental tree. white flowers in June. red persistent fruit in autumn. perfers moist site, will tolerate drought. 15' x 15'
Hydrangea, Limelight on std.30-36"exquisite bright lime-green flowers add much needed color to late summer landscape. small tree used as specimen. 6' x 6'
Hydrangea, Quick Fire on std30-36"earlier bloomer with white flowers transforming to pink-red as summer progresses. beautiful addition to landscape. 5' x 4'
Hydrangea, Pink Diamond on std36"white blooms mid to late summer mature to deep pink. Pointy, textured leaves. best pruned in early spring. ideal garden accent or patio feature. 8' x 6'
Magnolia, Royal Star30-36"in April, pink buds open to double white fragrant flowers of 25 petals. upright, dense habitat. green foliage turns bronze in fall. 10' x 10'
Maple, Bowhall2"narrow, upright form with red flowers in spring. green leaved turning to yellow-orange in fall. prefers sun, any soil. 40' x 15'
Tulip2"best grown in moist soil, full sun. stately tree flowers yellow teacup blooms in May/June. columnar habitat. tolerates black walnut. 75' x 35'

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