Trees 2020SizeSpecial Notes
Acer palmatum, Bloodgood6'+large deciduous shrub provides great beauty with colorful foliage spring thru fall. some protection from north wind required.18'x18'
Acer palmatum, Tamukeyama36/42"small cutleaf cultivar with reddish purple leaves spring and summer, turning crimson red in fall ! Protection from north wind required.
Acer palmatum, Crimson Queen#15low branching dwarf tree with delicate, weeping form. site in dappled sun.
Amelanchier, Aut.Brilliance1.5", 5' multi stemwhite blossoms early spring, dark berries attract birds, great fall color, naturalizer 20' x 15'
Beech, Purple Fountain1.75"purple leaves cloak cascading branches. specimen. 25 x 15
Beech, Riversii1.75"magnificent dense oval shape. copper in fall. 50'
Beech, Tricolor1.5"striking foliage with pink colored margins. Stunning specimen 25 x 18
Birch, Heritage River8', 10-12'vigorous grower, tan to white exfoliating bark, 2002 Urban Tree, 45' x 30'
Birch, Whitespire8' , 10-12'white-barked birch, foliage changes to fall yellow, heat tolerant, 30' x 20'
Coffee, Kentucky2"picturesque tree has deeply furrowed bark and stout branches, full sun, drought tolerant, 55' x 40'
Crabapple, Adirondack1'slender, upright form has pink-edge white blooms. small orange-red fruit
Crabapple, Centurion1"rose-red blossoms on bronze-green foliage.
25 x 15 prefers full sun
Crabapple, Cinderella1.5"smallest dwarf with fragrant snow-white flower. no pruning 8 x 5
Crabapple, Donald Wyman2"TOP CHOICE. round canopy with profuse white flowers 15 x 20
15 x 20
Crabapple, Golden Raindrops2" elegant form with slender limbs spreading horizontally from upright branches. white flowers, very tiny yellow fruit 18'x12'
Crabapple, Harvest Gold1.25" foliage with white blooms to yellow fruit. 20 x 15
Crabapple, Louisa, weeping2"deep umbrella form, 8 x 15 . pale pink blooms. specimen plant
Crabapple, Profusion1"bold pink blooms, pollinates apple trees.
15 x 25
Crabapple, Purple Prince2"deep purple-green foliage cherry-like bark, pink blooms 15 x 15
Crabapple, Royal Raindrops2", 2.5"cutleaf reddish foliage adorned with magenta pink blooms 20 x 12
Crabapple, Sargentina2"dwarf, red buds to white flowers, highly ornamental, disease resistant, 6' x 8'
Crabapple, Thunderchild2" , 2.5"upright 18 x 10 form.
deep purple foliage, retentative red fruit
Crabapple, Zumi1.5"15 x 20 form has fragrant profusion of white blooms, dk green foliage
Elm, Accolade1", 1.5"classic ,vase-shape 50x25 vigorous hybrid. yellow fall color.
Elm, New Horizon2", 3"strong central leader on upright columnar form, disease resistant, 60' x 30'
Elm, Princeton2"fast growing, graceful symmetrical branching
80 x 50
Elm, Triumph2"60 x 35. dark foliage gives way to yellow fall color
Ginkgo, Sentry1.75"50 x 30. upright narrow conical shaped shade tree.
excellent choice.
Hackberry2", 2.5"elm-like form is one of the toughest and most adaptable trees. growth can be 15" a year. 45'x45'
Honeylocust, Halka2", 2.5"finely textured vigorous grower. 40 x 40
Hornbeam, American2"attractive small tree, smoth gray bark, native hardwood
Hydrangea, Limelight on std.30-36"exquisite bright lime-green flowers add much needed color to late summer landscape. small tree used as specimen. 6' x 6'
Lilac, Ivory Silk2"fragrant, white flowers in June, textured bark, full sun best, good drainage, 30' x 20'
Linden, Redmond1.5", 2"pyramidal uniform shape,dense foliage turns yellow in fall 50 x 25
Magnolia, Jane3-4'later blooming dark pink.
20 x 15. sun to part shade
Magnolia, Royal Star30-36"in April, pink buds open to double white fragrant flowers of 25 petals. upright, dense habitat. green foliage turns bronze in fall. 10' x 10'
Maple, Autumn Blaze2-4"rapid growth, ascending branch habit, drought tolerate, excellent fall color, 60' x 40'
Maple, Autumn Fantasy2"large, fast-growing maple with astounding crimson-red fall color 50' x 35'
Maple, Autumn Flame2"red spring flowers, smaller green leaves to crimson in fall. 40 x 40
Maple, Celebration2"upright growth habit, delicate red flowers early spring, red fall color, good shade tree for smaller properties. 45' x 20'. prefers sunny, moist site
Maple, Columnar Norway2"attractive dark green foliage changes to yellow for fall. Columnar form is perfect for street use or accents.
Maple, Red Sunset2"fast growing rounded shape has brilliant orange-red fall color early fall. 45' x 35'
Maple, Royal Red2"dense shade tree with well-shaped canopy maintains an excellent maroon color all season.
Maple, Sienna Glen2"attractive pyramidal form with excellent branching, dramatic fall color, 40' x 40'
Maple, State Street2"green foliage, buttery yellow in fall, textured bark, adaptable, tolerant of heat/drought. 40'x30'
Maple, Sugar, Gr.Mountain2'upright oval with thick, leathery dark leaves, heat tolerate, great fall color, 50' x 35'
Oak, Burr2", 2.5", 3"Attractive corky bark, xeriscape plant, 80 x 80.
Oak, Pin2" , 2.5"specimen tree, 60 x 45,
tolerates sandy soil, red fall color is spectacular
Oak, Red2", 2.5"fastest growing and easy to transplant. leaves hang on in winter. 70 x 50
Pear, Cleveland Select2+"ideal street tree, fragrant flowers in June, red-purple fall color, 25' x 15'
Plum, ornamental2", 2.5"fast growing bronze color leaves contrast nicely with profuse spring pink flowers. 15 x 15
Redbud, Eastern2+"understory tree flowers tiny magenta blooms in early spring, yellow fall color, 20' x 20'
Sycamore2"peeling bark with patches of white and gray. Larger shade tree. native to Chicago. 100 x 50
Tulip1.5" , 2.5"best grown in moist soil, full sun. stately tree flowers yellow teacup blooms in May/June. columnar habitat. tolerates black walnut. 75' x 35'

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