Shrubs 2018SizeSpecial Notes
Burning Bush, dwarf24-36"bushy and compact, corky bark, brilliant fall color, excellent for hedges 5' x 5'
Dogwood, Kelseyi#3low grower acts like groundcover, dramatic red branches in winter, 2' x 2'
Barberry, Crimson Pgymy#3dark red color leaves, full sun, ideal as low hedge 2' x 2'
Barberry, Golden Nugget#3exciting dwarf form, attractive non-burning foliage, low maintainence, drought tolerate 12" x 18"
Dogwood, Red Twig24"variegated leaf with white flowers gives way to red branching in winter,
Dogwood, Arctic Fire#5compact red-twigged dogwood, beautiful addition, 4' x 4'
Dogwood, Pagoda4'horizontal branches, yellow flowers in May, red fall color, 15' x 20' prefers lt.shade
Dogwood, Red Twig#3excellent red stem dogwood, colorful in winter, shade, 8' x 8'
Forsythia, Gold Tide18"easily grown dwarf forsythia, full sun to part shade, 2' x 3'
Honeysuckle, Dwarf#3good durable shrub with bronze tinged foliage, yellow flowers, good in masses 4' x 3'
Hydrangea, Unique#58" blooms, moist soil, sun to partial shade, very hardy 8' x 8'
Forsythia, Helios24"very heavy bloomer in spring, full rounded shrub, purple fall color 5' x 5'
Hydrangea, Vanilla Strawberry24"plant in sunny, well-drained site, large flowerheads with striking white to red blooms , 6' x 5'
Hydrangea, Annabelle#3old-fashioned big white blooms light up shade garden, hardy & reliable, 4' x 5'
Hydrangea, Bobo#3dwarf plant engulfed by large white flowers in summer, 3' x 4' Gold Floral award!
Hydrangea, Little Quick Fire#3earliest flowering hydrangea, white flowers mature to pink, 4' x 4'
Hydrangea, Endless Summer#3deadhead for continuous blooms thru season, plant in sheltered location 3' x 3'
Lilac, Miss Canada4'later bloomer, gorgeous rosy-pink flowers, full sun, drought tolerate, 8' x 6'
Hydrangea, Limelight#5excellent vigor, exquisite cream blooms, sun to lt.shade, 6' x 5'
Hydrangea, Quick Fire24"quick to bloom, flowers mature to deep pink, sun to lt.shade, 6' x 6'
Lilac, Miss Kim#5very fragrant pale lilac colored blooms, hardy, 6' x 6'
Ninebark, Little Devil#5compact, deep burgundy foliage, low maintainence, blooms in June 3' x 3'
Ninebark, S Wine30"neat, compact branching, deeply cut crimson-red leaves, pink blooms, 5' x 5'
Lilac, Sensation#5purple white edged fragrant bloom announces spring, full sun, 10' x 8'
Rose, Knockout#3Everblooming red, purple fall foliage, disease resistant, drought tolerate 3' x 3'
Rhododendron, PJM18/24"very hardy, mauve blooms in spring, purple fall color, well-drained soil, 4' x 3'
Lilac, Charles Joly#5dbl blooms of reddish-purple, very fragrant, excellent hedge 10' x 10'
Lilac, Common Purple#5old fashioned classic beauty, great for cut flowers, 10' x 10'
Spirea, Goldmound#3bushy plant with pink flowers in June, red-tinged in fall, 2' x 3'
Spirea, Magic Carpet#3emerges red in spring maturing to bronze, deep pink flowers, russet fall color 18" x 24"
Spirea, Neon Flash#3vigorous, bright cherry flowers, purple new growth turns green, 3' x 3'
Spirea, Tor#3compact mound of gray-green birch-like leaves, white blooms, exceptional, 3' x 3'
Sumac, Tiger Eyes#5Rosy-pink stems with golden foliage, oriental appearance, great fall color, 6' x 6'
Viburnum, Autumn Jazz4/5'upright, vase shaped with white blooms to black berries, attracts birds, fall color, 8' x 10'
Viburnum, Blue Muffin 30"very adaptable, white spring flowers turn to blue berries in fall, sun to shade, 5' x 4'
Viburnum, Carleslii#5showy pink buds emerge fragrant white flowers in spring, purplish fall color, sun, 5' x 5'
Potentilla, various colors#3prolific bloomer that cover dense, bright green shrub. Low hedge or mass planting 3' x 3'
Weigela, Minuet#2hardy dwarf cultivar, red flower with yellow throat, green leaves, 2' x 3'
Rose, Drift, various colors#2groundcover rose that doesn't require a lot of work, simply enjoy! 2' x 3'
Spirea, Blue Kazoo18"cool bue-green foliage has burgundy new growth, red fall color, white flowers 2' x 2'
Weigela, Pink18"best rebloomer from May to frost, attracts hummingbirds, 4' x 4'
Weigela, Wine & Roses30"dark burgundy foliage sets off rosy pink blooms, sun, 4' x 5'

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