Shrubs 2020SizeSpecial Notes
Aronia, Black#3White flowers in May turn to black berries, great fall color. full sun to part shade
Aronia, Low Mound#3new introduction, low maintainence, columnar form perfect for hedge 3 x 3
Aronia, Red#3white flowers in May turn to red berries. Excellent for mass planting
Barberry, Crimson Pgymy#3dense, dwarf cultivar with reddish purple foliage, full sun 2 x 3
Buckthorn, Fineline24"feathery foliage in narrow upright habitat. Use for narrow hedgerow or specimen plant. 8' x 2'
Burning Bush#5bushy and compact, corky bark, brilliant fall color, specimen or hedge 5 x 5
Cherry, Cornelian3-4'early spring yellow bloom, oval shape, specimen or mass planting. 18'x12'
Cotoneaster, Peking#2pink flowers early spring. Excellent hedge plants. 8' x 4'
Currant, Alpine#3excellent for hedge, adaptable shrub, use in full sun or full shade 5 x 5
Currant, Low Mound#2Great smaller hedge. 3'x3'
compact mound shape, yellow fall color
Diervilla, Kodiak Red#2shade tolerant yellow flowering shrub attracts pollinators! burgundy new growth turns vivid RED in fall
Dogwood, Arctic Fire30"brings winter color to your garden with bright red branching. 5'x5'
Dogwood, Baileyi#5excellent red stem dogwood that provides beautiful color in winter, shade tolerant 8 x 8
Dogwood, Pagoda6/7'branches grow in irregular tiers forms a horizontal plant, red fall color, some shade 15 x 20
Euyonomous, Gold Splash#2easy four season color and has excellent hardiness. Reliable
Forsythia, Bronx15-18"dense, ground hugging shrub with yellow flowers in April. purple fall color. excellent for mass planting.
Forsythia, Goldtide18"compact ground-cover type plant. Early yellow flowers. prefers full sun and moist soil. 3'x3'
Forsythia, Helios36”very heavy bloomer from top to base of plant, reliable 5 x 5
Forsythia, ShowOff2-3'new dwarf is a mass of yellow flowers in spring from base to tip! 2'x2'
Hydrangea, Annabelle#5Old-fashioned white flowered hydrangea, does well in shade 4 x 4
Hydrangea, Dharmu#3dwarf compact habit, very cold hardy.Earlier flowers, yellow in fall. 3'x3'
Hydrangea, Endless Summer#38"flowers on mophead type shrub. Pink blooms in alkaline soil, blue in acid. Flowers all summer.
Hydrangea, Fire Light#3white flowers bloom early on upright, sturdy stems and mature to rich
Hydrangea, Invincibelle Ruby#2reblooming dark red flowers on strong stems with extra dark foliage. Excellent addition to garden.
Hydrangea, Limelight#5vigorous, blooms display shades of pink, burgundy and green, flowers on new wood 7 x 6
Hydrangea, Little Quickfire#3early bloomer white flowers darken to red-pink. dwarf 3'x3'
Hydrangea, Pinky Winky#36'x6' shrub sports sturdy branches that supports huge 14" blooms. zone 3
Hydrangea, QuickFire24”flowers in late May, deep pink blooms, terrific way to extend hydrangea season 6 x 6
Hydrangea, Vanilla Strawberry#5red stems support white to pink to red blooms in fall. Excellent for fresh cut arrangements. 7'x5'
Hydrangea, Zinfindel24"bodacious blooms are pink and white two-toned. strong stems hold flowers upright. striking color! 5'x5'
Lilac, Common Purple4'most popular variety is the 'Scent of Spring', attracts butterflies 10 x 10
Lilac, Dw.Korean18/24”compact, low spreading plant with very fragrant blooms 4 x 5
Lilac, Miss Kim24-30"hardy lilac with very fragrant blooms turns beautiful burgundy-red in fall 6'x6'
Ninebark, Little Devil30”dwarf, dense, bushy shrub with reddish leaves and pink flowers 4 x 4
Ninebark, Royalty#2deep royal purple fine textured, maple like leaves. flowers cover shrub in late spring followed by persistent red seed capsules. exfoliating bark in winter.
Ninebark, Tiny Wine#23'x3' dwarf dark bronze leaved shrub flowers pink in spring. burgundy in fall
Plum30”rounded shape has white flowers in May and dark burgundy leaves, xeriscape plant 6 x 6
Potentilla, Goldfinger18-24"1.5" golden flowers all summer on 3'x3' shrub. compact habit. beautiful
Potentilla, McKay's White12-15"mounded white flowering shrub 2'x2' full sun
Rhododendron, PJM#2very hardy, mauve blooms in spring, purple fall color, well-drained soil 4 x 3
Rose, Dbl. KO#3hardy, drought tolerant, cherry red blossoms attract attention all summer 3 x 3
Rose, Drift Peach#3disease resistant, peach blossoms from mid-spring until frost, low-spreading 2 x 2
Rose, Drift Red#3petite red flowers with white centers cover foliage, blooms late spring into fall 2 x 2
Rose, Drift Seafoam#3hardworking, undemanding groundcover white rose packages a cherished beauty. 2 x 2
Rose, KO#3popular shrub rose with single, cherry red flowers spring to frost 3 x 3
Spirea, Candy Corn#3striking shrub of rounded habit with fiery candy apple red leaves in spring, maturing to bright pineapple yellow
Spirea, Dbl Play Pink#3low maintainence, full sun, flower color quite intense, foliage emerges red turns to green
Spirea, Dbl.Play Red18”vibrant flowers and striking foliage, showy burgundy new growth, dense and mounded 24” x 36”
Spirea, Goldmound#3outstanding foliage color for accent or contrast. pink flowers, full sun
Spirea, Magic Carpet#3vibrant red shoots emerge in spring with clusters of deep pink flowers. fall foliage is russet. full sun !
Spirea, Neon Flash#3vigorous growth with bright cherry-red flowers throughout growing season. 3'x3'
Spirea, Snowmound#3excellent dwarf shrub with dense, dark green foliage and masses of pure white flowers in May
Spirea, Tor#5compact mound works well for low hedges or group in rock garden. white flowers in late spring.
Viburnum, Autumn Jazz36"Excellent shrub for wet soils, hedges, and wildlife. white flowers followed edible black berries. sun to part shade
Viburnum, Blue Muffin30”compact, intense showy blue fruits in late summer, beautiful hedge 6 x 4
Viburnum, Blue Muffin36"highly adaptable to most growing conditions, white flowers to blue berries. 6'x5'
Viburnum, Cardinal#3exceptionally hardy to -25, full sun to part shade, fabulous red berries attract birds.
Viburnum, Carlesli, Juddi#5Pink-reddish blooms open to fragrant white,disease resistant, showy fall foliage 5 x 5
Weigela, Fine Wine#2gently arching branches covered with stunning pink flowers. attract hummingbirds. deer resistant
Weigela, French Lace15-18"flowers have spicy-sweet scent. good for hedges 4'x4' red-orange fall color
Weigela, Red Prince18-24"holds its red color bloom for a long time, attracts hummingbirds.6'x6'
Weigela, Wine & Roses30”Fast-growing, rosy pink flowers contrast with burgundy foliage, flowers rebloom, trouble free! 4 x 4
Witch hazel3'large native shrub good for naturalizing. sun or shade 10'x10'

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