Evergreens 2022SizeSpecial Notes
Arborvitae, DeGroot's SpireB&BA beautiful, tall, narrow form, perfect to plant between buildings. Full to part sun 20' Tall x 4'-5' Wide
Arborvitae, EmeraldB&BNarrow, pyramidal evergreen with dense, emerald green foliage. Full sun 15' Tall x 3'-4' Wide
Arborvitae, Hetzi MidgetPottedA small evergreen shrub with a dense, naturally globe-shaped growth habit. Full to part sun 3'-4' Tall x Wide
Arborvitae, HolmstrupB&BCompact upright form. Tolerates poor drainage. Full to part sun 5'-7' Tall x 2'-3' Wide
Arborvitae, TechnyB&BA broadly based pyramidal form having dense foliage. Excellent for medium to tall hedges or screens. Full to part sun 12'-15' Tall x 6'-8' Wide
Arborvitae, WoodwardB&BGlobe arborvitae is a compact to medium-sized shrub that naturally maintains its broadly rounded shape. Full sun 4'-10' Tall x 8'-15' Wide
Boxwood, Green MountainB&B / PottedA vigorous evergreen shrub with bright green foliage that retains good color throughout winter. Upright, naturally cone-shaped habit. Full to part sun 5' Tall x 3' Wide
Boxwood, Green VelvetB&B / PottedA full-bodied boxwood well-suited for dense, low hedges. Foliage retains its rich green color throughout winter. Full to part sun 3'-4' Tall x Wide
Cypress, BaldB&BPyramidal shape, deciduous evergreen, copper fall color, tolerates wet site. Full sun 50'-70' Tall x 25' Wide
Cypress, Sun GoldPottedA beautiful and compact, mounding shrub with finely textured foliage that emerges golden yellow and matures to a lime green. Full to part sun 5'-6' Tall x 7'-8' Wide
Juniper, Blue ArrowPottedBright blue foliage and a very narrow, upright form. Perfect as a tall, narrow screen where space is limited. Full sun 12'-15' Tall x 2' Wide
Juniper, Blue PointPottedGlowing blue-green foliage on a densely branched, broad pyramid form that maintains its natural form well with practically no pruning. Full sun 12' Tall x 8' Wide
Juniper, Blue StarPottedSparkling blue foliage on dense, spreading branches. Use in a rock garden or as a low border plant. Full sun 2'-3' Tall x 3'-4' Wide
Juniper, HughesPottedA perfect accent or groundcover shrub. Retains its showy, glowing silver-blue foliage coloring through winter. Full sun 1' Tall x 6'-8' Wide
Juniper, MoonglowB&BSilvery blue foliage on a broad pyramidal form makes this an attractive landscape accent, excellent for screens, hedges, and group plantings. Full sun 20' Tall x 8' Wide
Juniper, Pencil PointPottedMakes the perfect narrow accent plant for a smaller area. Full sun 6' Tall x 1' Wide
Juniper, Saybrook GoldPottedA low-growing, evergreen shrub with a spreading, arching, feathery habit. Full sun 2'-3' Tall x 5'-6' Wide
Juniper, Sea GreenPottedA compact, evergreen shrub with a fountain-like, arching habit. Full sun 4'-6' Tall x 6'-8' Wide
Juniper, SkyrocketB&BA durable and versatile evergreen with beautiful bluish green foliage. Full sun 15'-20' Tall x 2'-3' Wide
Juniper, SpartanB&BFast growing evergreen that forms a stately, dark green, densely branched column. Full sun 15' Tall x 5' Wide
Juniper, TaylorB&BThis handsome selection maintains a more dense, upright form. Full sun 30' Tall x 3' Wide
Juniper, Wichita BlueB&B / PottedExcellent choice for an evergreen screen, hedge. Bright silver-blue foliage retains its brilliant color year-round. Full sun 10'-15' Tall x 4'-6' Wide
Pine, WhiteB&BFast growing pine perfect for windbreaks and tall screens. Attractive blue-green needles. Full sun 50'-80' Tall x 15'-20' Wide
Pine, White, Blue ShagB&BDwarf, dense, globe-shaped habit. Long, soft blue green needles. Full sun to part shade 2'-4' Tall x Wide
Pine, White, ChaletB&BNarrow, conical form grows slowly into dense, compact tree. Full sun 5'-8' Tall x 2'-4' Wide
Spruce, AlbertaPottedSlow growing dwarf spruce. Useful in small gardens. Full to part sun 8' Tall x 5' Wide
Spruce, Bird's NestPottedLight yellowish green needles that deepen as they age to a grayish-green. Full to part sun 3'-4' Tall x 6'-8' Wide
Spruce, Black HillsB&BNew bright green foliage matures to blue-green. Full to part sun 25' Tall x 15' Wide; 50' Tall x 25' Wide in ideal conditions
Spruce, Dwarf Siberian B&B Dwarf evergreen shrub forms a dense, globe-shaped mound. Short, glossy green needles are tinged bluish white on the underside. Full to part sun 4'-8' Tall x Wide
Spruce, NorwayB&BTall timber tree has dark green evergreen needles on dense branches. Its pyramidal form has a graceful appearance. Full to part sun 70'-80' T x 35'-45' Wide
Yew, BrowniiPottedDense, globe-shaped evergreen shrub perfect for low hedges. Slow growth requires little maintenance. Full to part sun 6'-8' Tall x 8'-10' Wide
Yew, CapitataB&BDense, slow grower, tolerates shearing. Requires good drainage. Good for hedge. Full sun to part shade 25'-30' Tall x 20' Wide
Yew, TauntonPottedSpreading form with dark green needles. Great for hedges, screens and foundation plantings. Full to part sun 3'-4' Tall x 5'-6' Wide