Evergreen 2019SizeSpecial Notes
Arborvitae, Emerald4-7'columnar arborvitae, good for screening. 12' x 3'
Arborvitae, Green Giant#7fast growing, dense, rich foliage has fernlike texture, 40' x 10'
Arborvitae, Hetzi Midget#2dwarf, rounded arborvitae for foundation planting
Arborvitae, Nigra5'hardy, low maintainence, full sun to partial shade, specimen or windscreen 30' x 10'
Boxwood, Gr. Mountain30-54"deer proof and shade tolerant! Broadleaf columnar evergreen. 5' x 3'
Boxwood, Gr. Velvet24-42"shade tolerant, deer resistant, broadleaf evergreen. 3' x 3'
Cypress, Russian on 18" std.18"evergreen groundcover for sun or shade on standard, bronze foliage in winter
Cyrpress, Bald2"stately conifer that loses needles for winter, russet fall color, 60' x 20'
Hemlock, Canadian6-7'impressive tree with strong pyramidal shape, soft spray-like foliage, fast growing 60' x 20'
Juniper, Andorra#5low evergreen, plum shade in winter, full sun 12" x 5'
Juniper, Bar Harbor#3groundcover type evergreen, full sun, tolerates drought, 1' x 5'
Juniper, Kallay#5vigorous grower, dense habit of fine, bright green foliage. Sun 3' x 6'
Juniper, Sea Green#5mint-green foliage on graceful, arching branches , full sun 6' x 6'
Larch, weeping4-5'semi-dwarf deciduous evergreen, bright green needles in spring turn gold in fall before dropping.
Pine, White, weeping7-8'specimen features beautiful cascading branches with soft needles and striking cones, 15' x 10' prefers moist soil and pt.shade
Spruce, Black Hills5- 10'native, slower growing with glossy dark green needles, best for screening 35' x 30'
Spruce, Green6-10'large, pyramidal with dk.green color, well drained site, screen or windbreak 60' x 20'
Spruce, Hoopsi36"pyramidal form, bluest of blue spruce, horizontal branches, full sun 30' x 10'
Spruce, Montgomery on std30"outstanding silver-blue spruce stands out in landscape, slow grower, full sun
Spruce, Norway, weeping4-7'slow growing evergreen with pendulous branching, specimen, sun to lt.shade
Yew, Taunton18-24"very hardy, excellent wind resistance, sun or shade, good foundation plant
Arborvitae, Techny4'fast growing and lacy dark green foliage. excellent for screening. sun or light shade 12' x 6'
Juniper, Wichita4/5'silvery blue foliage on pyramidal form. low maintainence. holds blue color all year. excellent screen or specimen. 18' x 8'
Spruce, Colorado Blue5 - 8'blue hue adds interest to landscape all year. full sun. 60' x 20'
Spruce, Colorado6 - 8'color varies from gray-green to blue-green. broad, pyramidal shape. full sun, well-drained location best. specimen. 60' x 20'
Spruce, Fat Albert5-6'rich blue needles on pyramidal form makes for a superb evergreen. slow grower. full sun. 15' x 10'
Yew, Capitata4'dense slow grower can be sheared. full sun or heavy shade. requires good drainage. can be used as hedge. 8' x 8'
Yew, Hicksi24-30"dark green foliage naturally forms a narrow, columnar habit. works well as hedge or privacy screen. slow grower. 10' x 3'

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